• Education and English Journal

    Education and English Journal is a scientific journal published by the Library Department of Ichsan Sidenreng Rappang University in collaboration with the Research Institute (LEMLIT) of Ichsan Sidenreng Rappang University. This journal aims to accommodate research articles in English education, promote the development of knowledge and problem-solving in the area, and make scientific works in relevant research fields accessible to the public and published twice a year in April-June and September-December.

  • Jurnal Akademik Pertanian Ichsan Sidrap

    Japis : Jurnal  Akademik Pertanian Ichsan sidrap bertujuan mendorong pengembangkan ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi dalam bidang pertanian berbasis hasil penelitian mencakup: (a) agribisnis; (b) peternakan; (c) perikanan; (d) agroindustri; (e) industri pascapanen; (f) rekayasa genetik; (g) lingkungan; (h) ilmu pangan; (i) proteksi tanaman

  • Jurnal Akademik Pengabdian Masyarakat Ichsan Sidrap

    JAPMIS : JURNAL AKADEMIK PENGABDIAN MASYARAKAT ICHSAN SIDRAP adalah Jurnal ilmiah yang mewadahi hasil kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat  yang diterbitkan oleh Lembaga Penelitian (LEMLIT) Universitas Ichsan Sidenreng Rappang

  • Jurnal Ekonomi Ichsan Sidenreng Rappang

    Jeinsa : Ichsan Sidenreng Rappang Economic Journal Published by the Faculty of Economics and Business, Ichsan Sidenreng Rappang University and in collaboration with the Research Institute (LEMLIT) Ichsan Sidenreng Rappang University which focuses on publishing the results of accounting, management and digital business research that is professionally managed and published twice a year between April and Oktober to assist academics, researchers, and practitioners in disseminating their research results.